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    Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

    Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

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    Contact Us

    Add: 6F building A3,Yiwu Economic-Technological Development Area,322000,Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-579-85256103
    Fax: +86-579-85256105
    Mobile: +86-18858952338
    E-mail: marico@edutoys.com.cn
    SKYPE: edu.toys QQ: 819450648

    google .com/baidu
    About Us

    Xiangtiange educational Toys Factory is a professional and preschool educational wooden toys is a group company which do research & development, sales for the integration, Our company set up in 2002, factory over 10000 m². Total have 3 company: Yiwu Xiangtiange Toys Company Limited, Major in product Research and Development, Sales and Brand Operation. Yunhe Xiangtiange Toys Company Limited, Production Educational toys, have Montessori, Gabe, and other Preschool Toys. Longquan Xiangtiange Toys Factory, Major in production huge Block, Outside Toys,Preschools Desks and Chairs, cabinet.

    We have full quality management system, have our own first-class design and Taiwans company professional Quality control system. Creative series great value toys in education with high qualitys products. Our company operates on the principle that credit, good quality and long term cooperation, which let us win the market in Taiwan, Europe, North America, Australia and Middle East etc. We have good cooperation relationship with large international wholesale and retail company. Have cooperated with some famous brand. Like Dumex, Wyeth, Meadjohnson. In order to all the worlds educational toys market development, Xiangtiange team keep Create value for customers, For preschools and for children, We believe good educational is the base and most important thing for kids future.

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