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    Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

    Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

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    Gabe toys

    Gabe toys
    Product name : Gabe toys
    Item : Gabe 8
    Details :

    Froebel 8 sticks. 6 size, 8 colors, total 584pcs. Length 2.5cm sticks, 20pcs/color, length 5cm sticks, 13pcs/color, length 7.5cm sticks, 13pcs/color, length 10cm,12.5cm,15cm sticks, 9pcs/color. 8 colors: red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, white, black.  Use these different colors and size sticks, kids can creative all kinds of patterns as they like, such as beech, swing, spider web, crocodile etc. Use high quality beech wood box for storage it. Smooth varnished, water base painting, Eco for all kids. Froebel's 8 signifies a move from the surface to "the line."

    The Froebel Gifts are good educational toys for kindergarten. they certainly were the first materials designed for child development, as Kindergarten was the original preschool method. Also can sell the inner parts separately or do OEM order.

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