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    Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

    Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

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    Contact Us

    Add: 6F building A3,Yiwu Economic-Technological Development Area,322000,Zhejiang, China
    Tel: +86-579-85256103
    Fax: +86-579-85256105
    Mobile: +86-18858952338
    E-mail: marico@edutoys.com.cn
    SKYPE: edu.toys QQ: 819450648

    google .com/baidu
    About Us

    Xiangtiange comes from ‘Ode to Goose’written by talented poet Binwang Luo in 7 years, With well-konwn reputation we create infinite possible and arouse the boundless imagination of childre in playing construction sensory integration. Being armed with scientific theory, and combined with the actual educational experience, we instantly put us in the field of educational, product accumulation, and a better user experience. Wonderful childhood start from Xiangtiange Educational Toys.

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