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              1. ENGLISH | Collection
                Today is:
                  Isostatic press
                  Million tons hydraulic press
                  Hydraulic equipment
                  industrial automation
                  Hydraulic System
                  Hydraulic cylinder
              2. 1300 tons cold extrusion machine
              3. Suzhou Xinhualong Hydraulic Pneumatic Equipment Co., Ltd.
                Address:No.15, Wupu Road, Shengpu Town, Suzhou Industrial Park
                Tel :0512-62853 607
                Fax :0512-62853 046
                Website: www.nanodrm.com
                E-mail: info@xhlyy.com
                      Walk in the forefront of science and technology, create fluid power first peak;
                      Hualong Hydraulic Taiwan since, in the new and old customers love continue to grow: in 1998, Shenzhen Hualong Hydraulic Components Co., Ltd. was established; 2006 Suzhou Xin Hualong Hydraulic Pneumatic Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2010, Changzhou Machinery Co., Ltd. was established VSC , 2011 Dong Yi technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City was established in 2013 in Jiangsu Jinhualong automation Equipment Co., Ltd. was established; domestic medium and small cities with dealers. Hualong hydraulic applications Taiwan advanced technology, in strict accordance with the ISO9001-2008 international standard quality management system and 5S management standards for quality control and internal management, is a professional in the field of fluid industry, R & D, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, and won a number of invention patents and utility model patents.
                      Our main products are:Static press, hydraulic systems, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic components,20000-2000T large hydraulic machine,100-1T small hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, special machines, which are widely used in electronics, hardware, construction machinery, transport, machine tools, plastics production and industrial automation and manufacturing industries
                      The company has always been to the "customer first, quality first" for business purposes, adhering to the "excellence, the pursuit of excellence, continuous improvement, challenge perfect" for business philosophy, with excellent service and reliable reputation, reasonable price, won the praise of users.
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